Material: aluminium. Size: inner diameter 8mm, height 11mm. FEATURE: Each ring has a number mark, which will help to keep different breeds apart, mark suspected chicken and separating hatches. FIT FOR: Suitable for various poultry, birds, hens,...

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For those who are getting into the urban and suburban home farming craze, or those who simply want to upgrade their backyard garden, keeping chickens has become the new craze! With our deluxe chicken coops you can give them a home of their own...

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Pure Alpiste Canary Seed 16oz 100% Natural Pure Alpiste Canary Seed 16oz 100% Natural Check out the eBay Auctions ...

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Colorful Bird Kabob fashioned in a tripod design. 15 Mini sized Bird Kabob discs. Bird Kabobs have been described as " Catnip for Birds". All natural100-Percent biodegradable Check out the eBay Auctions ...

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Product Features Infrared Ceramic Heat Emitter supplies your reptile and pets with uniformly distributed infrared heat Without any light and harm that may disturb their own rhythms and activities The emitter will be extremely hot while working a...

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The Small Animal Enclosure can be used as a stand-alone pen or as a pen extension to the regional coops. It features two convenient access doors that come with stainless steel carabiners to put on the latches for added security. The door on the...

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Please Carefully Measure the Cage Size Before Buying, Avoid do not tally with the bird cage size. Package included:1Pcs x Parrot Toy Main composition: 100% cotton rope provides a soft footing, cotton rope parrot toys , colorful cotton rope, steel...

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Realize artificial hatching eggs of birds This fully automatic egg incubator is extremely durable and simple to use. This one is compatible with various types of animal eggs including chicken, goose, turkey, duck and others. It comes with two...

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How to choose the right cage for your bird When you choose the cage for your bird, please keep the size of your bird in mind. It is always better to buy the largest cage you possibly can for your bird. Keeping a bird in a cage that's too small can...

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