Caitec Bamboo Log Bird Chew Toy, Colorful &Entertaining, Great for Chewing, 25” x 15” x 4”,X-Large

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The Caitec Bamboo Log Bird Toy is a fantastic challenge if your fine feathered friend loves to chew things up. The large bamboo log is hung with several stainless-steel chains that are covered with numerous, vibrantly colored, wood blocks that are ready for Birdy to attack with glee. Large birds such as parrots, macaws, and cockatoos are known for their ability to turn most wooden toys into shapeless piles of splinters; this toy will give even the most destructive bird a run for their money. Buy a Caitec Bamboo Log Bird Toy today and let your wood-chewing champ of a bird enjoy themselves.

  • The Caitec Bamboo Log Bird Toyis the Perfect Chew Toy for Amazons, Parrots, Cockatoos, and Macaws; the Vibrant Colors and Distinctive Shapes will automatically attract your bird friend to this Fun Toy
  • Your bird pal can Climb and Chew Endlessly on this large bamboo toy; the log has several stainless steel chains that are Filled with Numerous, Vibrant, Multi Colored Wood Blocks
  • This big, good-time bird toy offers your feathery buddy plenty to Chomp and Chew on; he or she will enjoy loads of Healthy Physical Activity such as Climbing, Swinging, and Serious Chewing when you put this log in their cage
  • Chewing wood is a Healthy and Natural Activity for birds and the bamboo log will encourage this; Chewing on anything, especially wood, helps your fine feathered friend Relieve any Boredom or Anxiety they may have
  • Made with Pet Safe Materials, including natural wood; the bamboo log features a quick link fastener for Fast and Easy Attachment to the cage so your bird can Enjoy Themselves Endlessly

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