Bwogue Spoon Pull Bird Toys With Sweet Sound For Parrot Cage Toys African Grey Amazon Cockatiel Conure

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Total length:35cm/13.8";spoons are 4 - 5 inches in length.
The toy is made up of acrylic rings and multiple stainless spoons,it is very durable.
All birds like to make noise,this spoon add fun to cages,easy install in the cages.
Your medium-sized feathered companion will enjoy his playtime activities, climbing, looking, and swinging all over this toy.
Packing:1x Parrot Spoon Toy

  • The total length is about 35cm/13.8";spoons are 4 - 5 inches in length;Great for small to medium Birds.
  • All birds like to make noise,This spoon will provides audio entertainment for your parrots.
  • Has 5 stainless steel spoon and colorful acrylic rings.
  • A simple and strong toy that will match your birds abilities.
  • All bird safe materials.