Bonka Bird Toys 1937 Bellpull Bird Toy Parrot Cage Toys Cages African Grey Conure Cockatiel

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1937 Bellpull noises will surely delight your bird with great sounds from the dangling bells and colored acrylic rings. The bright colors are attractive and keep your birds attention for hours of fun and entertainment. This plastic toy can be easily cleaned and is durable for long-lasting fun. Measures approximately 9 inches high by 3 inches wide, comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement. Watch as your bird goes crazy pulling the chain from side to side while being an acrobat. You can also fill the 3inch whiffle ball with paper or treats to make a great foraging toy.

  • Great for small to medium Birds
  • Measuring about 3 inches wide and about 9 inches high
  • The chain pulling effect will keep your bird entertained.
  • Brightly colored charms.
  • Plastic easy to clean.

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