Bi-Metal Egg Incubator Thermostat Kit – Mechanical

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This is a Brand New bi-metal style thermostat that works GREAT in an incubator! Included with purchase: *     * Thermostat with a temperature range of 80-105 F (Long 1.5" shaft can go through thick styrofoam walls) *     * Control Knob with set screw and mini screwdriver *     * Lead wires with insulated connectors for thermostat *     * Screw nut that screws onto the thermostat shaft to help attach to a surface or panel *     * 15A rating *     * Can be used with either AC or DC applications *     * Comes with a wiring diagram for wiring in a fan and a heater Caution: this is an electrically powered device that you will be mounting in your incubator yourself.  As with any thermostat like this, you should be sure to put a protecting screen of some kind around this to ensure the hot wires/metal is not touched.  You must use a great deal of common sense when dealing with electrical devices.  Electricity is wonderful but can be very dangerous.  Use caution, common sense and if in doubt, ASK AN EXPERT!!!

  • Sensitive bi-metal thermostat
  • Comes with control knob, insulated wire leads
  • Great for egg incubators
  • Termperature range designed for egg incubators
  • Easy to install with simple to use

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