Avianweb Digital Mini Instant-Read Temperature & Humidity Gauge Thermometer (Hygrometer) – Most popular applications for Cars, Incubators and Brooders

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As is the case with any hygrometer/thermometer, it will take this unit some time to settle on the correct temperature / humidity after placing in the battery or after placing it into a new location. The temperature and humidity will be affected by its location (proximity to air flows/drafts, windows, heating units, bodies of water, etc.). We guarantee these units to be accurate within the acceptable range of error, and will warrant and replace any units that do not perform as promised.

  • Clear and intuitive digital display of temperature and hygrometer values. Small and Compact - Perfect even for mini incubators! If you prefer a unit with a switched display (Larger Temperatuer and Smaller Humidity Readings - please consider this unit: B00U2S6JSC (copy and paste into Amazon search box)
  • Temperature: Measuring temperature range: -58°F-+158°F; Accuracy ±0.1oc / ±0.2of, ; Resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C); Temperature display resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C)
  • Humidity: Range:10%RH~99%RH; Humidity accuracy :±5%RH; Humidity display resolution: 1%RH
  • Unit Size: ~ 2" wide x 1" tall x 0.5" deep (48mm*28.4mm*15.8mm); Display Size: ~1.3" x 0.6" (35mm x 16mm) ... Single product net weight: 0.7 oz or 19g
  • Quality Certifications: RoHS CE certification (it satisfies all the norms of European health, safety and environmental directives). 1-Year QUALITY GUARANTY! If your unit does not perform as expected, please contact Avianweb for technical support or replacement.

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