Auauna 96 Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher Temperature Control Automatic Turning Chicken

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This fully automatic egg incubator is extremely durable and simple to use. This one is compatible with various types of animal eggs including chicken, goose, turkey, duck and others. It comes with two containers that hold 96 eggs totally. Equipped with a computer-controlled system with full intelligence. The temperature sensor measures in high precision and wide range. It is designed for the incubation industry with employment of the latest type of microprocessor and electrical element.

Range of temperature display: 0~99℃
Precision of temperature measurement: ±0.1℃
Range of humidity display: 0~99﹪RH Precision of humidity control:±3%RH
Output channels: 3 channels (heating, humidity improver and turning eggs)

Working Conditions:
Working voltage: AC 180V ~240V; Frequency 50Hz
Relative humidity: less than 85%
Environment temperature: -20℃~70℃

Material: APS
Product Size: L19.5''*W18.5''*H14.8''

Package Content:Egg Incubator,Foam Protection,Power Cordially,Instruction Booklet

  • LED temperature display panel
  • Incubate up to 96 eggs available
  • Simple operation and durable
  • Automatic temperature and humidity controls
  • Compatible with eggs such as chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks

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