Apontus Large Metal Bird Cage, 23 x 23 x 54″, Black Hammertone

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Brand New in box stylist Bird Cage. This bird cage has a very sturdy main frame made from ¾" square steel tubing (blue color). The main frame houses a metal wire fence (white color) and has a two piece solid panel roof design. This cage has four feeding stations that have partitions to separate liquids and solid food. Behind each feeding station are sliding doors to reload food and water. Two wooden perches can be arranged to provide a variety of standing levels for birds. Cage also includes pull out trays and grate for easy cleaning. Locking casters provide mobility with ease. Must have for all bird owners!

  • Cage Dimensions -- 23 ½" (W) x 23 ½" (L) x 54 ¼' (H)
  • Overall Height (floor to roof) -- 65 ½"
  • 4 sliding feeder doors | 4 plastic partitioned food containers | 2 wooden perches
  • 2 fold down front doors | 4 Locking casters | 3/8" wire spacing
  • Sliding metal tray | Sliding metal grate

In this video we'd like to show you the quality and beauty of the cages we offer. We want to convey the unique look and feel our cages have by using live birds in a home setting and to reveal the simple process of setting up an Animal Environments bird cage.

Animal Environments has been committed to one fundamental concept for more than two decades: create the highest quality environments to enhance the special relationships between exotic birds and their owners.

For the health and safety of your bird, our reputation is stainless.
All products are manufactured of the finest materials in the U.S.A.

We have exclusive and unique patented features:
Patented Designs for products shown in video:
Lexan Connector Pins,
Bird-Proof Latch, and
Outside Stainless Steal Feeder System

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