Alive & Well for Birds (Probiotic Stress Preventative) & Shred-A-Nest Nesting Kit

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Both our Oasis Naturals products are all natural and designed for Caged Birds. The Pro-Biotic Fizz Tabs boost your bird's Immune System when exposed to stress due to change in diet, environment, travel or following antibiotic therapy. Our Shred-A-Nest Nesting Kit hangs on the cage bars in its own dispenser and easily pulls apart for use in building nests. 100% pure and natural.

  • Alive & Well for Birds: Pro-Biotic Stress Preventative FIZZ TABS
  • With Vitamins and Electrolytes
  • Boost Birds Immune System
  • Shred-A-Nest: for CAGED BIRDS
  • 100% Natural, Pure Cotton with Dispenser

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