Acrylic Glass Bird Feeder Set – Spill-proof, Crystal clear – Easy to assemble & install with 2 Hooks – Perch provides enjoyable eating time to Finch, Parakeet, Sparrows Cage Sizes

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Most pet birds are naturally messy eaters and they would love to play with their food. This is so because in the wild, these birds are agents of seed dispersal thus the behaviour. As pet owners, this is not something we cannot stop but we can always control and limit the mess they create as much as possible.

Acrylic Glass Bird Feeder by SunGrow is a mess-free solution that does away scattered seeds and hulls keeping not only the cage but your environment tidy. Make your floors seed-covered to totally clean floors!

This unique product is also very economical, making you save all the money from all the seeds you save from spilling. When we say easy solution, it also entails ease of installation and use. The set includes 2 hooks with the perched feeder. Just tighten the screws and you can easily hang them to your bird's cage. Cleaning and re-filling seeds are also just a breeze. You do not only just save money but also time, a real value for money nonetheless!

Note : The item comes disassembled, with an instruction sheet with photos.

  • MAKES EATING TIME FOR BIRD A HAPPY TIME --- As you know your bird's behaviour better, you may observe where he can possibly enjoy this feeder best. This set includes a small perch which can help your birds eat making it easy and natural for them to reach the seeds when they step on it.
  • SPILL-PROOF FEEDER KEEPING THE CAGE TIDY --- Birds are naturally messy eaters being an agent of seed dispersals in the wild. As they eat, they are used to having those seeds and hulls scattered. Acrylic Glass Bird Feeder by SunGrow is a simple solution to keep bird food off your floor. It has two different chambers, large one where the bird can enter and eat, and the smaller one that serves as food storage.
  • EASY TO INSTALL, FILL & CLEAN --- Mounting this acrylic SunGrow feeder is a breeze as you don't need screws to hang them. Simply tighten the hooks unto the acrylic feeder and hang as you please. If it needs cleaning or re-filling seeds, it also won't take so much of your time, just detach, clean and reattach.
  • ECONOMICAL AND SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZES OF CAGE --- This unique feeder helps save any waste because you will be able to save money on seed that didn't end up soiled on the floor or outside the cage. This feeder also includes 2 hooks where you can hang it as you wish whether or outside the cage. Size is 5" x 5" x 5" and can perfectly fit small to large cages. No matter what the size of your cage is, this acrylic feeder guarantees no-mess environment!
  • DURABLE & RUST-FREE --- Made from acrylic material, SunGrow feeder is crystal clear and & doesn't rust. You are guaranteed of a balance of durability & ease of use with Acrylic Glass Bird Feeder by SunGrow. Enjoy your birds as you watch them eat and for a total bird entertainment, you may also include the colourful Pet Bird SunGrow Ladder.

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