Acrylic Bird Carrier- Travel Cage- Parrot-Vacation Bird Home- High Quality Cage

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This is a beautiful handcrafted Acrylic Bird Carrier. It is 15x15x23 high with an internal dimension of 14x14x18. Perfect for small to Large birds. Handle doubles as a perch. Perch inside is positioned for easy access to the dishes. Perches are removable and can be changed. Food and water dish included. Easy removal. Lightweight and strong. Built with 1/4" cast acrylic All edges are polished. Everyone will envy how beautiful of a carry cage you have. Perfect for vet's visits. Perfect for vacations or as a temporary home. The new units are not as pictured, they have a clasp so that you can use a lock of your choice, instead of chasing a key around the house. These units are professionally packed in a double wall box and insured. We have been manufacturing for over 25 years and you can trust our quality and workmanship. Please ask any questions you may have. Thank you, Steve (Windrider)

  • Two large air slots on top and around doors. Plenty of ventilation
  • Handle doubles as perch.
  • Includes cup for food and water
  • High quality acrylic fabrication
  • All 1/4" polished construction for high strength.

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