A Brief History of Horse Riding and Equestrian Apparel

Throughout history, equestrian apparel has been worn by riders in their effort to master these proud beasts. These clothes date back to earlier times, and have continued to evolve to the clothing used by riders today.

The art of horseback riding dates to ancient times, and historians still debate the exact time of when horses were first domesticated. The best estimates say that the first horseback ride by man happened around 4,500 B.C., and horses have been integral in human history ever since. People have used horses for transportation as well as for agriculture.

It was later on that horses were used to draw chariots or mounted as people waged war. They became a situation changer in many of history's important battles, with soldiers wearing heavy armor on mounted horses to combine speed and power.

It was not until the 17th and 18th century that horse-mounted soldiers did away with wearing heavy armor. The use of gunpowder demanded that horse riders be quick and stable, otherwise they would be decimated by gunfire. Riding apparel had to adjust to this change in the landscape of the battlefield as well. Riders had to wear breeches and jodhpurs, giving the rider better balance and a modicum of protection as he rode.

Another important development to equestrian apparel was how it became very form-fitting, cut very close to the person's body. This is because the rider comes into very close contact with the horse, and one's steed may be sensitive to sudden moves by the rider. Clothes that flail or wave as the ride progresses can distract the horse, and might cause the rider to lose control. Loose fabric is also a liability when riding at high speeds, since clothes can easily be snagged by a rider's surroundings.

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