72” Aquarium Light Metal Halide + Actinic Combo w/ LED Lunar Moon Lights 3x 150 HQI

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Brand New In Box

72'' Metal Halide Power Compact Light Fixture 834 watts

2014 New Release

Electronic Ballast Included for Increased efficiency

3- 150 Metal Halide 15k HQI Double Ended bulbs included (450 watts)

4 - 96 watt power compact actinic (blue) bulbs included (384 watts)

16 watts of Blue Lunar Led bulbs included

Built in heavy duty cooling fans included to keep fixture very cool

Mounting Legs Included- can be adjusted between 12'' wide- 18'' wide

Mounting Legs are 2'' tall

Tempered Splash Guard included to prevent harmful UV Rays from entering Aquarium / and prevent splash from entering fixture

72'' long 15.25'' wide X 2.75'' tall

All ballast included are Highly efficient Electronic Ballast

Electronic Metal Halide Ballast included is External - this keeps fixture even cooler

Power Compact bulbs included are straight pin (. . . .)

Before Using fixture Please take all packaging off ---also when turning on and off metal halides please let the halides cool down for 15 minutes before turning back on

  • Can be Setup with timers to implement dawn dusk effect
  • All Bulbs are included- any major brand replacement bulb can be used in the future
  • All Highly Efficient 5 year warranty ballast included
  • Easy to operate - plug and play ready to use
  • German Polished Reflectors behind all bulbs to maximize reflectivity