6+ Live Sakura – Fire Grade Red Cherry Shrimp + Marimo Moss Ball, Healthy Algae Eaters Invertebrates

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6+ Live Sakura - Fire Grade Red Cherry Shrimp + Marimo Moss Ball, Healthy Algae Eaters Invertebrates

The coolest and most colorful shrimp you will find! These shrimp are very playful and are very fun to watch. They all have a mind of their own and love to help clean your tank! These shrimp are very active and quick to breed, meaning you can start building your own colony in less than a month!

Each shipment will contain at least 6 Fire Red Cherry shrimp but I always include some extra just in case any don't handle the stress of transportation. I have a great success rate shipping them and have very few casualties! They get along very well with most tank mates but should not be houses with any aggressive fish. They are great with smaller fish, crayfish, and snails.

FREE MARIMO MOSS BALL is included with every order for the shrimp to hold on to. The shrimp may arrive not as colorful as the photos due to the stress from shipping. After one week, the shrimp should have their color back and they will be a deep beautiful fire red color.

Free 72 hour heat packs are provided with all shipments if the temperature is going somewhere cold and ice packs to anywhere that is too warm. Shipped via USPS priority mail which is a 2 day service to 90% of the nation ensure your shrimp will arrive healthy.

  • Adults grade at Fire grade for intense red coloration. Very beautiful Shrimp
  • Extra shrimp are included with every order to ensure you receive at least the stated amount. This means you will almost always receive bonus shrimp with every order!
  • FREE marimo moss ball included with every order. Shimp love marimo moss balls and they are a great addition to any tank!
  • Mixed sex juvenile shrimp will be sent ranging from 1/8 inch - 1/2 inch
  • 100% Live Arrival Guarentee sold execlusively by Vanilla Bean Kings. Easy to care for freshwater shrimp can survive many water conditions and are great for beginners