25 Pond Snails + Anacharis + Food

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The infamous Pond snail is considered by many a pest species, this hungry eating machine will devour anything in its way... the key to its existence is food, to regulate the population please adjust the intake of food given to your aquarium inhabitants, to address an already overload of snail population please turn to the ASSASSIN SNAIL for assistance. The upside to having these eating machines is that they will in fact eat anything from the all too common left over food that cannot be reached, to the dead fish behind a rock that will be unknown to us until it is too late, the damages from an unknown fish rotting away is that within a day or two after there will be an unprecedented fluctuation of natural gases causing spikes in ammonia all the way up to cloudiness of the water followed with a mildly foul stench, or even worse causing the rest of our fish to die off as well. The pond snail is a smaller species than the much bigger Ramshorn which will give them access to tighter reaches in the aquarium. Great at removing algae from the aquarium furniture, gravel and driftwood, if algae on the aquarium glass is a problem then this might not be the correct product for you. These snails are also favored as a treat by puffer fish, turtles, goldfish, crabs and lobsters.

  • These snails will keep your aquarium or pond free of algae.
  • Will not harm any live plants or fish.
  • Snail Size: 3mm-7mm. Live Arival Guaranteed.
  • Plant Size: 4-8 Inches , 2-3 Loose Stems.
  • Food: Omega 1. Shrimp Pellet, 1 Gram Sample.