2″ Martingale Dog Collars! Fossil Paisley Pattern,Greyhound, 13″-18″/12″-16″. (Collar 13″-18″ Adjustable)

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This is Martingale Style Training Collar. The Martingale collar is often referred to as a humane choke collar. They feature a twin loop design that works by tightening around your dog's neck whenever it tries to remove its head from the collar, Then the Martingale will loosen again when your dog stops struggling against it, The limited closure of the Martingale collar prevents it from becoming too tight.The design on your collar may vary in different places.

  • Handmade martingale dog collar.
  • 2 inch width, Fossil Paisley Pattern
  • Collar: Unique cotton fabric pattern, strong polypro webbing in the middle, soft velvet lined.
  • Lead: Strong Polypro webbing in the middle,Wapped in unique cotton fabric.
  • Made with top quality hardware.

An introduction to Martingale (or Greyhound ) dog collars by carolsbows.com includes styles and operation, handmade by carolsbows.
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