Zacro Submersible Aquarium Heater Auto Thermostat Fish Tank Heater with Protective Sleeve and Digital Temperature Readout,300W

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1. Diameter: Glass tube 2.6cm. Plastic housing 3.3cm. Cable length:150cm.

2. Water Volume: 53-80 gallons (200-300 liters). Power: 300W. Voltage: 110V . 60HZ.

3. Adjustable temperature: 68°F~94°F (20°C~34°C).

4. Outer length: 40cm.


1. The heater should be immersed into water completely.

2. It starts to work if the actual temperature value is lower than the settled value, unless it doesn't work.

Package included:

1*300w aquarium heater.

  • Explosion-proof Shatterproof Shield-proof Design: with high quality high quality Quartz Glass material, Zacro aquarium heater is shatter resistant & more durable than conventional glass heaters.
  • Provides Accurate Thermal Control. Use the inner temperature controller on the top to set and adjust the desired temperature.
  • Safety Protection --- This aquarium heater can automatically control the temperature.
  • Excellent waterproof device: double seal design, dripping impermeable, Safe and secure.
  • High efficiency heating performance: the use of high heat transfer efficiency of the heat pipe, precision sensor probe, the error within 33.8?, high temperature resistant flame retardant, high efficiency, fast heat transfer, long service life.