Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover by Fri.bro – Non-Slip, Machine Washable, Large Back Seat Protector with Flaps – Protection from Hair & Dirt, Use for Pets & Bulky Items in Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans

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Even during a short trip to the vet, your dog can make a real catastrophe: the upholstery can be torn with teeth or claws, get dirty, wet or even worse.The solution is to use the dog car rear seat cover from Fri.bro

Reasons to choose Fri.bro:

High-quality water and dirt repelling material.Our new upgraded dog car seat cover is made of waterproof, dirt repelling fabric, so any trip with an animal or when transporting things, such as building materials or gardening tools, won't result in your having to have your car interior professionally cleaned.You'll save both time and money.

Fri.bro's waterproof pet car seat cover for dogs consists of:

Upper layer - waterproof Oxford fabric

Second layer - soft cotton fabric

Third layer - 100% waterproof polyester

Fourth layer - soft rubber non-transparent PVC for non-slip placement on the car seat.

Easy to care for.This dog car seat cover is a pet supply which is machine washable. Great for everyday and intensive use. You can lay the black dog car seat cover and transport flowers in pots, vegetables in boxes or other things without worrying about your car.

Fully covers the backseat.The scratch-proof dog car seat cover has side flaps, so it reliably covers the seat and doesn't slide or move. This makes any trip extremely comfortable for your beloved pet.

Quick installation in any car.The installation of the dog car seat cover for sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, trucks, SUVs and Vans takes only a few minutes and is great for any car brand or type.

Great for large breed dogs.Fri.bro's machine washable dog car seat cover is made of high-quality and durable materials, so it withstands dogs of all shapes and sizes. Made from only non-toxic materials!

Free bonus.Order these universal seat covers, and get a toy for your pet and a leash which can be attached to the seatbelt

  • 100% PROTECTION FROM FUR, DIRT, AND PUDDLES. Fri.bro's car seat cover for dog protection is waterproof and dirt-repelling, so all stains and trash will stay on the environmental dog car seat cover, and not on your car upholstery. You can just flip the cover or wash in the machine after use. Forget about expensive dry cleaning - everything will be much easier than before!
  • A FEW MINUTES FOR INSTALLATION. Just lay the dog car seat cover and hammock and secure it to the rear headrests - easy and quick. And it's just as easy to take the car seat protector off. The side flaps let you fully cover the backseat.
  • FITS ALL CAR TYPES AND FOR ANY DOG BREED. The universality of the construction and durable high-quality materials of the dog car seat bench cover allow it to withstand even big and active dogs. Great for use in cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE. The dog-proof seat cover for your car is great for protecting seats from baby's mess and invaluable when transporting building materials, gardening tools and other things which can dirty the salon or trunk. With the waterproof seat cover, you'll always be prepared.
  • BONUS FROM FRI.BRO. When buying the dog cover for your car seats, you'll also get a dog toy and a leash, which can be attached to the seatbelt, as a gift.