Vvhome Pet Products PU Rope Slip Dog Leash Coloful Small Slip Lead (white)

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this combination leash and collar in one is great for training! Made of PU material.

solid core roping features all brass hardware and oil tanned leather splices. Unique leash and collar in one is designed for easy correction while walking, exercising or training. Slip Leads have an adjustable oil tanned leather slide to prevent lead from slipping off. Soft on the hands with its "Broken in Feel" right from the start

  • Remington rope slip dog leash is a great tool for field trials and crate transfer
  • Made of soft, PU material
  • The flexibility of this leash makes them easy to fold for carrying or storage
  • Allows for quick, yet gentle correction and has a leather slide that for a small dog
  • color: white,red,red and black,pink,colorful