Treetops Small Bird Habitat, 24.2-Inch W by 18.3-Inch D by 23.6-Inch H

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This small bird habitat is the most versatile, user-friendly small bird cage ever designed. Acrylic front and back panels give you a clear view of your birds Large side access doors, with child-proof latches make it easy to interact with your pet.

  • Suggested for Finches Canaries, Parakeets Lovebirds Parrotlets Cockatiels and other small birds
  • Horizontal wire side panels provide ample ventilation and the climbing area birds need
  • Unique multi-diameter waved shape perches simulates tree limbs a variety of diameters helps minimize fatigue
  • Convenient display options include the Treetops floor stand or the Treetops wall mounted shelf
  • Easy-To-Clean Pull out floor grate Pull-out catch tray Pull-out gravity feeders Removable clear window panels

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