Treating Your Horse For Worms

No one really likes to talk about worms, but they are a fact of life for most horses. They good news is that you can treat them quickly and easily. You and your horse will both feel a lot better. The downside, though, is that the worms aren't as dumb as we think they are. They find great ways to avoid what people use to try to control them, and they can make your horse sick. They cause diarrhea and weight loss and colic, and if they aren't treated a horse can eventually die from them. Even though most horse owners try hard to control them, vets regularly see horses that have worms, and it's becoming a real problem. Different worms cause different kinds of problems, and a low level of infection isn't going to be a big deal. It's almost impossible to keep a horse one hundred percent worm-free all the time. It is the high levels of infection that people have to worry about and that must be gotten under control.

When treating your horse for worms, being educated about horses and their problems can help you do much better in taking care of any difficulties that arise. Not all horses are the same, and individuals who are aware of this can do better in caring for their horses. Some horses are more likely to get worms than others, and owners who know this can treat their horses more aggressively. Some worms also have to be treated with different kinds of medications than others, so treating for one kind of worm won't get rid of all kinds of worms. In addition, some medications are only good for one lifecycle, so the worms might return. Owners who are aware of these kinds of things and prepared for them have much happier horses.