Tidy No-waste No-mess Single/double Feeding Trough Bird Feeder (Single Feeding Though, Middle)

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Food and food residue can be separated. This is designed for birds, such as parakeets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Canaries, small conures, and similarly sized birds. This bird feeder can keep the cage cleaner and your floor cleaner. You can put a few days of food in the feeder. The feeder can collecte the food debris. It is easy to be assembled, like a puzzle game. It can help you save money and time. You can refill seed and clear the residue once a few days. There are two kinds of specifications you can choose. Made of crystal-clear acrylic. Noticeļ¼š This bird feeder need to be assembled. It is different from other feeder. Why is designed to be like this? First, it is delivered easily and safely. Second, it can be adjust by you. Third, You can refill seed and clear the residue directly, don't need to remove the whole feeder. Fourth, it is fun for child or parent-child activities. Assembly is the characteristic of this product.

  • The mess-free feeder for small birds
  • Hang the feeder inside or outside of the cage
  • Food stays inside the feeder
  • food debris can be collected by the lowest level
  • DIY bird feeder(assemble the feeder by yourself)

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