More reptile and small animal fanciers choose Critter Cage, thanks to bonus features in the top frame that add strength, ease access and improve safety. The top is escape-resistant mesh, framed in a strong self-aligning frame that opens and closes...

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More reptile and small animal fanciers choose Critter Cage, thanks to bonus features in the top frame that add strength, ease access and improve safety. The top is escape-resistant mesh, framed in a strong self-aligning frame that opens and closes...

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 31, 2011

Windy City Parrot, Inc has been serving bird enthusiasts since 1993. Web shoppers will now earn rewards of free bird food shipped free simply by shopping on WindyCityParrot.com.

Windy City Parrot's new free bird food rewards program was driven by the need to help parrot and bird owners reduce the cost of pet maintenance and care. The challenge of addressing the nutritional needs of more than 350 species of exotic birds and parrots is great enough. Selecting proper bird food blends is especially difficult when household budgets are tight.

WindyCityparrot.com has always offered a rewards program where web shoppers would earn points with every order. These points would be redeemed at checkout thus necessitating an order to be placed for point redemption.

According to Catherine Tobsing, president of Windy City Parrot, "our best selling categories are bird food, food for parrots and bird treats and supplements. Supplying our customers with a bag or two of bird food at no charge without placing a paid order will help everyone care for their pet bird(s) in this down economy."

The free bird food rewards program is simple. For every dollar spent on windycityparrot.com, a customer will earn one point. Redemption for as few as 25 points will net a Higgins Gourmet Bird Treat Stick. A Worldly Cuisines Higgins Cook Cool and Serve 13 oz Inca Bean Salad Gourmet Bird Food will cost 120 points. 473 points earned from a bird cage purchase can be redeemed for a 3.25 pound tub of Lafeber's Nutri-Berries Parrot Food as another example.

"We've tried to make this as user-friendly and affordable as possible," according to Catherine. No paid order need to be placed for customers in the Continental US. Rewarded bird food will be shipped at no charge whatsoever.

For orders shipped outside of the Continual US, WindyCityParrot.com will ship the bird food at no additional cost but asks that it be shipped with your Alaskan, Hawaiian or International bird supplies order. WindyCityParrot.com uses International Checkout for shipping outside the US.

"Our customers are really beginning to realize the value of the free bird food rewards program," stated Cegrid Green, head of customer service. "They might not want nor be in the position to place a $60.00 bird supply order" ($60.00 orders ships free in the Continental US) "They can now just log into their account and order a bag of Volkman bird seed or a pellet blend from Hagen and have it shipped at no charge"

Barb W. of Bridgeport, CT wrote us "...at first I didn't like the program but then I needed just 2 pounds of Higgins Finch Food for some new Gouldians I brought home and Windy City Parrot shipped it right out - no questions asked – I’m sold."

In addition to offering more than 18 brands of bird food Goldenfeast, Harrison’s and Roudybush to name a few (usually shipped the same day), shoppers can easily search hundreds of easy to find bird cage styles. They can explore bird cage perches, bird cage dishes, Lixit water bottles and hundreds of other bird & parrot related accessories to help care for these unique pets. WindyCity parrot.com offers wish lists; order tracking and pre/post sales questions will be answered promptly.

Bird owners and parrot companions interested in learning more about Windy City Parrot's free bird food rewards program and large selection of bird supplies can visit http://www.windycityparrot.com/Free-food-for-bird.html or contact Cegrid Green at 1-877-287-0810 or 312-492-9673 email info(at)windycityparrot(dot)com for more information.

About Windy City Parrot, Inc. the internet’s leading retailer of bird and parrot supplies providing one stop shopping for pet bird care needs through its primary website, WindyCityParrot.com.

Windy City Parrot has been serving bird enthusiasts since 1993, entering the on line world January 1, 2002.

Cegrid Green, Department Head Customer Service

Windy City Parrot, Inc.




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