If your beloved dog is getting older, recovering from surgery or you have a dog who is incontinent, there are some dog bed products on the market to ensure your best mate is as comfortable as possible.

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Here are some things to consider when buying dog beds or senior or incontinent dogs:-

* Support

Just like humans older dogs suffer from aches and pains in their joints and benefit from using dog beds with firm support.

If these senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery are using a dog bed with insufficient support their body will tend to sink into the bed which means their joints are positioned at odd and potentially uncomfortable angles. In addition to this these dogs have to put strain on these sore joints to get out of the 'sunken' position.

If however, you bought one of the dog beds which has better firmer support their joints will be better supported at comfortable angles and it will be much easier for your dog to step off the bed easily as the extra support has not allowed the dog to sink into the bed.

Some beds that offer specialised support are the orthopedic dog beds or memory foam dog beds, however make sure you buy a quality product.

* Breed Size

The sheer weight of your dog can be an issue when trying to purchase orthopedic dog beds or memory foam dog beds as many of these beds are simply not designed to provide support for the larger breeds.

A great option is the 'Big Dog Bed' which is more like a dog mattress than a dog bed. As well as measuring an impressive 1300mm x 880mm to accommodate the larger breeds this dog been has been designed with clever memory foam tops the thick inner of this bed which moulds beautifully to the contours of the dog's body ensuring the all over even support which is important for older dogs or those recovering from surgery. These dog beds also have a low impact, dampening effect make them ideal for older dogs, big or heavy dogs and dogs with joint problems.

* Incontinence

Having an incontinent dog can be a challenge for even the most devoted dog owner but there are some dog bed supplies that will make this challenge less taxing on you and provide your beloved dog with comfort.

1. Washable Dog Beds come in many styles however my suggestion is to buy a dog bed that has removable covers and buy some extras so that you can replace the cover while the other is being washed.

2. To protect the dog bed insert and to ensure your dog has a dry surface to lie on consider an innovative product called 'Stay Dry Matting'. This product is made from a synthetic material that lets dry air circulate through your dogs bedding keeping them warm, dry & comfortable. Best of all its machine washable and comes pre-sterilized. Again, it's a good idea to buy a couple of pieces of the Stay Dry Matting so that your incontinent dog has a clean, dry bed available while you are washing the other piece.

By considering all of these tips you'll be able to provide your dog with the comfort it needs during its old age or after surgery and ensure that you incontinent dog has a clean, dry bed at all times with less stress on you and your dog.

Dog beds can have anything on them, including drool, hair that's been shed or even left over scraps from a favorite bone or treat they munched on. In as little as a couple of weeks a brand new bed can start to look like it hasn't seen a clean day in years. If you are using a bed that you aren't able to wash you really can't do much of anything except use sprays to cover the terrible smell and hide it so other people can't see.

One quick and simple solution to solve a problem like this is to buy a washable dog bed instead. Doing this means you won't have to worry about spraying a bed down anymore so you won't have to deal with the smell. It also means you won't be worried with hiding it whenever guests arrive either. To keep it looking great you just have to toss it in the washing machine on a routine basis.

All dogs want a comfortable and clean place to lay down for the night, much like we as humans do. Would you go to bed in all that filth yourself? By giving your pet a clean place to sleep you also give him more of a since of security and let him know you love him.

If you don't give any attention to the bed your dog is using it won't be no time until you start to see some gross things like mold and mildew growing on it. Things like that leave a bad odor in your home and are usually crawling with fleas and other things that could spell trouble for your loving pet.

Just how many things that can be found on a dirty dog is an alarming thing. These are the types of things you wouldn't want in other areas of your home, so you definitely don't want them on the place where your dog sleeps either.

Like most pet owners, you probably spend several hundred dollars a year on flea treatments alone, but without cleaning your dogs bed you are doing nothing but wasting all that money. It doesn't really matter how much you work to get rid of fleas off your pet if you keep letting them lay down on a bed that hasn't been cleaned of the ones living on there.

Essentially, a washable dog bed doesn't just provide a solution for an eye sore or a smell in your home. It also serves as just one more way you can ensure your pet is as healthy and happy as possible. After all, a healthy and happy pet is what you want and you don't want your little furry friend feeling crummy all the time just because he sleeps on a dirty bed when you can easily fix the problem with very little effort.