Is there a valid reason why you buy dog training books? Here's why. Take a look at this common scenario, you walk into a Pet store and were immediately taken by this incredibly cute Bloodhound Puppy. Let's be real, the dog and you connected and you know it won't be that hard to look after him...well in case you did not know, it only takes an hour or two tops for most folks to go uh oh after they have brought the mutt home. All of a sudden all hell breaks lose when you discover that little Fido believes your couch is a good place to leave a small package with a big smell, you don't realize that some dogs enjoying barking at everything and anything wich will test even the deepest of sleepers(the sleeper will lose, I guarantee), disappearing articles of clothing, torn cushions and pillows...the list goes on. Dogs use "shock and awww" which will put the most ardent doting doggie mom or dad's patience to the test!

You are probably pretty scared by now, maybe I have also successfully convinced you to drop the idea altogether, relax! It is very simple to train a dog using dog training books. Many people just do not contemplate that their dog must be trained...If you have to potty train a kid, What makes you think you will not have to do the same for a dog? Of course dogs are incredible animals that will bring mountains of joy to your life, but the simple fact is that they need to be trained and trained consistently.

With so many supposed training methods out there, people can get a bit carried away with various gadgets and goodies; this is pretty unfair, particularly as this can get very intense and make the dog feel like he is being punished. In a desire to get results we finally get them to submit and obey, but this is obedience out of fear, not respect and love. This is another reason why you simply need relevant and effective dog training books to help you out. Dog training has advanced so much over the past 20 years and there are so many techniques that it is useful to have the right dog training books available to you to double check on what you are being told to teach.

Having an obedient well trained dog is such a priveledge. You not only know that your dog is safe but that your family is safe and of course all your friends will be envious of your dog. A well trained dog is welcomed where ever he goes, you don't have to shackle him up like some escaped convict, he will come when he is called; sit when he is told, in short he truly becomes "a man's best friend".