There is a misconception about cowhide dog toys. They are not meant to be eaten, but rather used as an amusement toy for your pet. Of course it is edible and there is no preventing them from devouring it before your eyes. These toys are made from the inner layer of the hide from a cow that can be manipulated into various shapes. Like other toy products, there are good and bad points to giving your dogs these toy-treats. Make sure to monitor the progress of your dog and so you can throw it out before they swallow a large enough piece to cause injury.

what are cow hide toys

Rawhide helps to play a part in teaching your dog, especially when they're puppies, how to chew. These rawhides usually come from the inner layer of the hide from a cow and sold in pieces made to look like bones, sticks or bacon stripes. Pieces of rawhide are given to pets as toys to keep them busy because dogs have a general tendency to chew. Cow hide contains calories and a small amount of protein but are not food for your pets. It is recommended two hours worth of chewing a day is adequate for most pets.

Are they good or bad for your dog

There is the possibility for your dog to swallow on to large of piece of cow hide and can result in vomiting and/or diarrhea. Make sure to dispose of pieces that have been chewed too small but are too large where it is not safe for your dog to swallow at once. If a large piece is eaten, it is not so dangerous enough where surgery is needed, but can become very uncomfortable for your pet while it being digested. Rawhides should be offered as a toy or an addition to a balanced diet. Although it consists of protein and is digestible, it is not considered a "food" item.

Other Alternative Dog Toys

Although there are many benefits to buying a rawhide and injury cases are relatively low for these toy-treats, there are plenty of other toys that are just as fun and much safer. Kong chew toys are a very popular alternative but is relatively more expensive than rawhide. Tennis balls and rope toys are also some other good toys to buy.

Although rawhide dog toys are relatively cheap ranging anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00 depending on the bag size. What's great is that dogs enjoy them and it helps with the overall teeth and gum health of your dog. They come in many shapes and sizes so it is suited to all small, medium and large breeds. Due to these factors and the low number of cases where dogs have been injured, many owners continue to give these affordable treats to their dogs. The material in rawhide is usually not a problem for most dogs, the problem is that some dogs have the urge to swallow large pieces that can get stuck in their esophagus, stomach or intestines that may require surgical removal. So remember to supervise your dog before they swallow that last piece.