Whether you're grilling over gas or charcoal, the very best way to know if your grilled food is cooked to a safe internal temperature, as well as to your preferred doneness, is to test it with an accurate thermometer. Rely on this thermometer for...

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Select a location below the waterline and on the outside of the aquarium. Remove the release paper exposing adhesive backing. Place thermometer on the aquarium and press firmly in place. The thermometer utilizes sensitive color changing liquid...

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Digital Terrarium thermometer with digital readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Has a remote sensor probe for accurate readings. External sensor can go in waterFahrenheit and CelsiusLCD readout hope you like the new...

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The Marina Floating Thermometer is the perfect way to make sure the water temperature in your aquarium is just right for all your fish friends! The thermometer is easy to read and has a safety zone indicator for most tropical fish, so you know...

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Package contents: 1 X Hygrometer Humidity Meter and Thermometer Sensor 2 x LR44 button cell Dual Readouts in one easy to use unit.Convenient size and quality constructionSuitable for panel mountingCan be stood up on flat services.Dependable...

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