Prescott, Arizona (PRWEB) February 23, 2015

The Rover Company manufactures a Made in America Elevated Large Dog Bed and just may be the world’s finest Large Dog Bed on the market today, the frame is made of a durable, lightweight, PVC plastic that offers maximum comfort and durability for your pet.

The Rover CompanyElevated Large Dog Beds allow a full 360 degree air circulation to prevent coat matting and skin irritation, as well as providing a very comfortable resting place for your dog that even a pillow or cushion cannot match. Rover Company Elevated Dog Beds have a unique orthopedic design that reduces stress and strain on your dogs’ body while keeping them warm in the winter chill and cool in the heat and humidity of summer. Just watch as your pet plays over and under their Elevated Large Dog Bed and then curls up to take a quick nap in the sun.

Our Large Orthopedic Dog Bed won’t sustain fleas, moisture, or odor and the durable Pet Cot cover can be easily cleaned with just soap and water. The molded PVC frame and vinyl coated cover won’t splinter, flake, peel, mold, rot, rust or hold odor. Putting your Elevated Dog Bed together is a breeze. No tools are required and takes only a few simple steps to assemble and disassemble. The Large Orthopedic Dog Bed is lightweight and easily moved from one location to another, either indoors or out. These Large Orthopedic Dog Beds are easy to store and easy to carry, making it the perfect Pet Cot to take along on those family outings.

The Rover Company Large Orthopedic Dog Beds come in a variety of colors. You can choose from Autumn Fern, Birch Forest, Forest Green and Sea Isle Blue. You can also pamper your pooch with a Sheepskin Furry Dog Bed Pad or a Fleece Dog Bed Pad which is machine washable. The Large Dog Beds measures, 36” wide x 48” long and the suggested dog’s weight is 80 to 200 lbs. The portability aspects of Rovers’ Elevated Orthopedic Large Dog Beds are phenomenal, weighing in at only 16lbs. and measuring 11”x 49” x 4” when fully collapsed and stored in a plastic bag.

Rover Company specializes in high quality PVC pet products that will last a lifetime. Their Elevated Orthopedic Large Dog Beds are renowned for their long lasting, durable construction, and finest materials, and have been chosen by thousands of satisfied pet owners throughout the world.

Rovers’ Dog Beds are incredibly strong and will provide peace of mind that your dog, young or aging, will be comfortable and secure. The industrial strength materials also ensure that the Rover Company Elevated Bed will withstand years of punishment. They are the perfect strength to weight ratio and are strong enough to handle even the Puppies! The easy to clean surfaces make Rovers’ Dog Beds perfect for groomers, veterinarians, and kennels, as well as regular home use. Rover Company is proud to offer Made in America Elevated Large Dog Bed for owners of all types of pets.

Rover Company has the solution for pure comfort and reliability for all your pet’s needs. All of our products are environmentally safe, will not rust or corrode, and are portable and light weight. They are safe for pet’s teeth, hair, and skin, and no tools are required for assembly. The policies and procedures of conducting business with Rover Company will not change. We are, as we always has been, 100% committed to providing you with a level of customer service unsurpassed in the pet industry. We also do intend to continue in the direction of working hard to be green and friendly to our environment.

Rover Company manufactures the finest Plastic Whelping Boxes for Puppies on the market today in the USA. There are a number of different whelping boxes available on the market. These are manufactured in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Whelping boxes are essential to provide the best conditions for your dog to give birth and raise small puppies. It is very important to supervise the birthing process. Although dogs make very nurturing mothers they can accidentally crush or squash puppies if they do not have the right PVC puppy rails pig rails. A cardboard box or wooden crate is just not good enough for the birthing process and laundry baskets with their patterned lattice work designs are even worse. Puppies can get caught up and injured by these lattice patterns which can often have sharp edges on the cut away areas. Plastic Whelping Boxes are specifically designed to provide safe, nurturing environments for small puppies and their mothers. They are essential for multiple litter breeds and can be reused. One way in which Plastic Whelping Boxes can help prevent puppies from getting injured is by using PVC pig rails. These help to ensure that the mother does not accidentally crush or squash the puppies against the box wall during birth and when they are still very small. Plastic Whelping Boxes make it much easier to keep puppies contained while still allowing the mom to come and go freely thru the door of the Dog Enclosure. A sheepskin furry pad makes the ideal lining for the Plastic Whelping Boxes. It is warm and can be easily washed and replaced every day. The whelping pad by Rover Company provides additional warmth and this will also give the puppies some traction as they start to learn to move around. Make sure you wash the whelping pads on a high temperature to eradicate any bacteria. Puppies are very vulnerable to certain harmful bacteria when they are young so you do need to make sure you clean and disinfect the Plastic Whelping Box thoroughly. Although puppies do not leave the Plastic Whelping Box at first the mother will come and go and could bring the bacteria in with her. Spray on the bleach solution and leave for at least ten minutes to allow it to destroy any bacteria present. Make sure you thoroughly rinse away the bleach solution and then dry before putting in new clean whelping pad lining. It is also a good idea to bleach the floor around the PVC Whelping Box at the same time (you should have the box on an easy to clean hard surface). Now you can put the puppies back into the PVC Whelping Pen. Our mission is simply to be the definitive website store in providing your pets with the highest quality and most uniquely designed cat enclosures, dog gates, cat condos, dog beds, cat beds, whelping boxes and cat hammocks available anywhere in the world. These products, not found anywhere else, are proudly made in the USA and caringly crafted from the finest materials available. Visit our website at