Millet spray is a natural and delicious treat. It's field-fresh and American-grown. All types of pets and wild birds relish our plump, sun-cured millet sprays. A natural treat for pet birdsBirds love millet sprayStimulates the natural foraging...

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Talk about wiggly fun. Four strands of shoelaces are loaded with colorful wooden blocks and beads and dozens of wiggle beads. Perfect size for Caiques, Conures, Quakers and Ring necksDestructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual need to chewPear...

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1111 Huge pyramid rope swing is a plethora of fun time activities for your medium to large size bird. A soft cotton colored rope ring is suspended by three lengths of cotton rope, the ring is decorated with tied soft cotton colored ropes that have...

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Treat your bird to more adventures with the rope climbing frame! Made with hevea wood branches and natural sisal rope. This bird toy encourages foot and beak exercise. As always, supervise birds at play. Handmade from 100-percent natural,...

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Hartz Bird Diet for Large Birds is a nutritious and tasty blend of seeds, grains, nuts and vitamin-fortified pellets that your bird will love. This diet has been specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs and food preferences of...

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African Grey Bath Spray: There are additional skin clogging oil derivatives like other sprays they call preening oils. Birds have enough preening oils of their own. This formula is a light blend of the naturally occurring essential fatty acids of...

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Take me home travel homes are the perfect way to take your pet on a trip. Travel homes feature a convenient carry handle, large access door and a durable plastic base for easy cleaning. Travel homes are safe for both small animals and birds. The...

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1297 Jumbo tri swing, just an all around beauty, comprised of colored wooden blocks and natural cylindrical wood pieces, which alternate on the three legs and help suspend the triangular perch below. Constructed with sturdy link chain and tied...

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1969 Spoon Delight, this awesome toy will last and will be a staple in your birds cage, from the multiple colorful, acrylic rings and multiple Stainless spoons, your medium-sized feathered companion will enjoy his playtime activities, climbing,...

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