Birdhouses are a lot of fun to build and hang in your backyard. There are many different types of species that enjoy the birdhouses. However, the humming bird is a unique species of bird that requires its own specific humming bird house. Once you know and understand the specific needs of the humming bird, you can build them a humming bird house that they will enjoy year after year.

Pay Attention To What The Humming Bird Needs

There are two important things that pertain to all humming birds. Humming birds usually build small nests and they will never live in the same humming bird house with other birds. So, in order to build a humming bird house that the humming bird will like, one must keep these two important factors in mind at all times.

Another thing to consider is the climate. Humming birds cannot have a nest where the sun is too hot. If the sun is too hot it may cook the eggs in their nest. Their eggs are very delicate and can cook quickly in the hot sun. One must also put the humming bird house away from the wind. Strong winds could blow the eggs right out of the humming bird nest. So, make sure you consider the climate when you are building your humming bird house.

Choose a high place to place your humming bird house. Most humming birds like to build their nests in trees that are at least six to twelve feet from the ground. They feel as if they are more protected if they are up higher. So, when you are placing your humming bird house, make sure to put it as high off the ground as possible.

Be careful when determining the location for the nesting platform. One of the best places for the nesting platform is to attach it to the side of a building or a tree and have it curved downward. Once again, remember to place it in an area where there is very minimal sunlight and wind.

Use humming bird food and treats in and around your humming bird house. This will attract the humming birds to your location and keep them interested in their new home. You can purchase humming bird food and supplies at your local pet store or anywhere bird supplies are sold.

These are just a few considerations to keep in mind when you are making or buying a humming bird house. Watching humming birds nest and raise little ones can be fun and exciting. When you pay attention to their needs, they are happier birds and will be more likely to return year after year to build their nests and raise their young.