Activ Betta Black Gravel 1LB (Grain size: 1.5 -3.1mm)Premium All Natural LIVE Substrate Specially Packaged in LIVE Fresh Water For Instant Cycling Of Your Betta Aquarium and Fresh Water Fish Aquariums. Use them in your aquariums and ponds to make...

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Creating a beautiful aquarium and essential hiding places for fish is easy with Aqueon plants and decor. All Aqueon Aquarium Plants feature a weighted base to keep the plant right where you want it. The plastic foliage cleans easily with warm...

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Brief Introduction: 1. The largest feature is DIMMABLE, you can control the brightness of the light by a revolving button 2. Light-weight, portable, perfect simulation of natural environment such as sunrise, sunset, etc 3. Latest secondary...

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Prevue Pet finch bird covered twig nest. Twig nest is designed for finch or canaries. Provides birds with a natural environment for breeding purposes. Created with safe all natural bamboo material to make your bird feel at home. Finch bird...

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