Fusion Nano aquariums. Build a welcoming environment for yourself with the most advanced AIO in its class. Keeping in line with the features of their award winning successor, the Fusion Nano 20 has generous display space for aquascaping and a...

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Underside of Dual-Lamp FixtureView larger Side Mounted On/Off Switch & Power CordView largerView larger Aquatic Life Dual-Lamp T5 HO Aquarium Light Fixtures The Aquatic Life Dual-Lamp T5 HO (High-Output) Fluorescent aquarium light fixtures employ...

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The Sun Rises and Falls on These Amazing EDGE Aquarium Lighting Fixtures The revolutionary, feature-rich EDGE LED Fixtures from Aquatic Life are a game changer in the realm of outdated, overcomplicated LED lighting systems presently available....

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Underside of T5 HO Fixture Three Channel Timer Control Aquatic Life 4-Lamp T5 HO Aquarium Light Fixtures The Aquatic Life 4-Lamp T5 HO (High-Output) Fluorescent aquarium light fixtures employ the latest leading edge technology for both the...

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The Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 Compact Tropical Terrarium Lamp has a moderate to high UVB output, similar to that of shady environments such as rain forests and other tropical locations. Reptiles living in these habitats receive less UV radiation...

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Phoenix 150 Watt Metal Halide HQI 14000K DE Bulb, this is a Double Ended Metal Halide bulb with a light output that has a nice crisp white light with a bluish tint perfect for saltwater applications Great for bringing out the coloration of your...

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IT'S SLEEK. STYLISH. SKKYE LIGHT. The new stylishly slim aluminum arm is sure to turn heads with its low 3mm thickness and robust light output. The perfect choice for any rimless aquarium with a thickness of 9mm or less and offered with daylight...

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This Contemporary Ultra Slim designed LED fixture features a series of LEDs to promote Marine Refugium & Freshwater growth. Unlike the Ray II which incorporates multiple High Output LEDS pinched together for high light output, the FugeRay features...

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