Included in this package: 1 Amazon Sword (Echinodorus "Ozelot"), 5-7 in - highly sought Amazon Swords with purple spots on green leaves 1 Amazon Sword (Echinodorus bleheri), 5-7 in - great plant for creating a focal point in your fish tank. Leaves...

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Genuine Fluval EDGE 42 LED Replacement Lamp is specifically designed for Fluval EDGE 46 Litre (12 US gal) aquariums. Includes C-UL power supply. Has a blue moon lit 2nd switch feature Genuine Fluval EDGE 42 LED Replacement LampHas a blue moon lit...

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Adding a SubstrateSource Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) to your freshwater aquarium helps create a natural look for your tank. As it grows, this plant helps purify your water by absorbing nitrate nutrients. Java Fern can be grown under low to...

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