Sturdy Pet Steps help your pals get safely to a favorite spot... and keep you from straining your back. SAVE BIG! Give your pet the greatest gift of all... more companionship with you! Pet Steps are a 3-step unit, essential for small dogs or cats...

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The Pawhut Pet Hammock / Back Seat Cover is a great way to take your furry friend with you on the road while keeping your upholstery clean and protected. It installs quickly and easily and when used as a barrier it helps to alleviate the worry of...

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Helps smaller and older dogs step up where they want to go. Does Your Pet Have Difficulty Climbing Up To His Favorite Spot? The solution is Doggy Stairs. Sturdy Pet Steps help your pals get safely to a favorite spot... and keep you from straining...

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Critters can't wait to curl up in comfort inside critter cuddl-e-cup. It is the perfect sleeper for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other furry friends. Cuddl-e-cup features an ultra-soft, padded fleece interior. The safe poly-fiber padding...

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Heavy duty microfiber to provides utmost protection when you have to stop suddenly and long lasting Use.two openings to allow Use with seatbelts, car seats, and pet restraints. Built-in adjustable straps make for installation in almost any vehicle...

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Take care of your pet -and your car- at the same time! Unlike most covers, this seat cover has a non-slip rubber backing as well as seat anchors to hold it in place. Protect your seats from your hairy beasts! Fur babies are no match for our...

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Dog beds can have anything on them, including drool, hair that's been shed or even left over scraps from a favorite bone or treat they munched on. In as little as a couple of weeks a brand new bed can start to look like it hasn't seen a clean day in years. If you are using a bed that you aren't able to wash you really can't do much of anything except use sprays to cover the terrible smell and hide it so other people can't see.

One quick and simple solution to solve a problem like this is to buy a washable dog bed instead. Doing this means you won't have to worry about spraying a bed down anymore so you won't have to deal with the smell. It also means you won't be worried with hiding it whenever guests arrive either. To keep it looking great you just have to toss it in the washing machine on a routine basis.

All dogs want a comfortable and clean place to lay down for the night, much like we as humans do. Would you go to bed in all that filth yourself? By giving your pet a clean place to sleep you also give him more of a since of security and let him know you love him.

If you don't give any attention to the bed your dog is using it won't be no time until you start to see some gross things like mold and mildew growing on it. Things like that leave a bad odor in your home and are usually crawling with fleas and other things that could spell trouble for your loving pet.

Just how many things that can be found on a dirty dog is an alarming thing. These are the types of things you wouldn't want in other areas of your home, so you definitely don't want them on the place where your dog sleeps either.

Like most pet owners, you probably spend several hundred dollars a year on flea treatments alone, but without cleaning your dogs bed you are doing nothing but wasting all that money. It doesn't really matter how much you work to get rid of fleas off your pet if you keep letting them lay down on a bed that hasn't been cleaned of the ones living on there.

Essentially, a washable dog bed doesn't just provide a solution for an eye sore or a smell in your home. It also serves as just one more way you can ensure your pet is as healthy and happy as possible. After all, a healthy and happy pet is what you want and you don't want your little furry friend feeling crummy all the time just because he sleeps on a dirty bed when you can easily fix the problem with very little effort.


Furry Friends & Co. Ceramic Treat Jar, White and Black, is adorable and functional. The treat jar is easy to clean while providing stylish storage for pet treats, food, accessories sand other pet supplies! Perfect for storage of treatsDishwasher...

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Today, there are a lot of different pet crates to choose from and you need to select one that is ideal for your canine friend. One major thing to consider is the size of the cage in proportion to the size of your dog. You don't want it to be so small that your puppy can hardly turn around, however, you wouldn't want it being too big either. The right size is a size that allows your canine to stretch and has enough head room to stand up and turn around in, but one that's still comfortable for your furry friend.

In case your canine is still a puppy, you might have to think about purchasing a small kennel right now and a larger one when she grows to adult size. Even better, pick a crate that has a divider panel. That allows you to make it bigger as your pup grows. As well as sizing, there are plenty of different items on the market.

Durable plastic models are popular and also a design which is essential for traveling on airlines. These styles tend to be plastic on the sides, bottom, and top, and include a metal gate on the front side. This is generally the kind the airline requires, and more than likely what you'd want to utilize for car travel since the are going to be more shielding for your dog should an accident or rough travel take place. They might be somewhat secluded because the plastic on the top and sides isn't going to leave very much room for your puppy to see out. On the other hand, your puppy may enjoy this because it provides a really private den. They're outstanding for potty training.

Aluminum and wire cages are often the models which are found in boarding kennels. You may also see them at canine events. They're simply wire all around and they usually have a plastic bottom that you put inside so your canine is not sitting on the wire which may actually injure his / her feet. Wire models offer an advantage since your pet is able to see out of the top and the sides. There are several very attractive crate covers which can provide a more secluded space. If your price range does not permit a cover, you can always cover the top using a towel or blanket. Wire cages can be much easier to clean out too. Simply slip out the tray on the bottom for washing. A wire crate is designed for dog training.

Soft sided dog crates are great for those who spend considerable time outdoors, and if you need to bring your pup to the store, the vet, or perhaps a visit to the dog park or beach. Soft versions usually are not recommended for flying and I don't think any of them could be approved by the airlines anyway. Also, they are not good to have as a standing kennel at home because they are extremely flexible. They are typically manufactured from some type of nylon material with zippers on top and also a front zippered "door" which you can use to take your canine in and out. They are wonderful improvements to the dog crate family should you have a properly trained dog, but they are not suggested for initial training, particularly for puppies that like to chew.