Super power heads runs efficiently and quietly while providing superior water movement in aquariums to prevent stagnant water conditions. The optional venturi air intake feature with air regulator allows for increased water aeration. Easily fitted...

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Our clam specimens are the true Anodonta clam, the finest clam specimen there is. Thin-shelled and lightweight Preserves magnificently cooking freshwater mussel Clam at the creek drop them into boiling water ...

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Monthly Supply of Invertebrate Algae Wafers for Live Shrimp, Hermit Crabs, Snails, Dwarf Crayfish and Full Sized Crayfish A large supply of Invertebrate Algae Wafers for all sorts of tank mates. These sinking wafers drive all sorts of shrimp,...

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Freshwater Master Test Kit is a complete kit for testing aquarium water.Tests water 6 different ways to protect tropical fish from dangerous water conditions.Tests include: freshwater pH, ammonia, nitrite, high range pH, and nitrate, 4 test tubes,...

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