01924 Features: -Includes: Movable shelves, ramps, cozy hammock and more. -Offers the ultimate in pet comfort, complete safety and convenient cleaning. -Easy to clean. -Extra deep full size pull pan for quick cleaning. Finish: -Silver. Material:...

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Constructed with a quality China Fir wood and a treated finish, this chicken coop is made with the kind of quality that is needed to match your home and garden.  A large living area, outdoor fenced run, and a two section nesting-box allows for a...

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WELCOME TO MERAX AND WISH YOU A HAPPY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! The aim of us is to provide warm and comfortable house for your pet and keep your pet happy and healthy. This Merax wood chicken coop features natural cedar wood, stable and durable....

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From the Confidence rabbit hutches on the market, this 62-inch model is best suited for owners with multiple pets. The vast size of the hutch has a large enough run area for more than one pet to play in. A ramp will let them move easily between...

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Raising chickens can be a fun and rewarding experience for any backyard farmer. They produce nutritious eggs, as well as organic fertilizer, and are low-cost pets to maintain. Because chickens need room to roam and stretch their wings while still...

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