"Lots of Legs are fruit flavored, made-to-last hardwood cut-outs... each festooned with brightly colored beads and chew shapes suspended at the ends of cotton ropes. Great for feather pluckers! "Large Bird toy. Check out the eBay...

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• Our bird toy components include leather, wood (Fir) safely dyed with vibrant food coloring, 100% natural cotton rope, and STAINLESS STEEL quick link type connectors. • Birds such as Cockatoos, Parrots(including African Grey), Cockatiels,...

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The Multi-Branch provides a natural perch for your fine feathered friends to perch and stretch their wings. Hand crafted from Java wood, it offers multiple branches for increased enrichment. This piece attaches to any cage via a sturdy metal clamp...

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The XL Willy Nilly toy is loaded with lots of colorful paper lollipop sticks, pine blocks, hardwood beads and whiffle balls. Two softball sized whiffle balls stuffed with goodies add to the fun. Perfect size for Large Amazons, Cockatoos and...

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The Three-storeyed Rectangle Parrot Bird Cage gives your birds enough room to spread their wings. Comes with a large storage, the cart stand beneath the cage is great for bird toys, food, treat, and accessory storage. This super designed cage is...

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Smaller birds may not be able to come out of their cage, but they can get plenty of exercise in the Flight Bird Cage. This spacious cage offers plenty of room for birds to stretch their wings. It's made with welded steel bar construction and...

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Rope King CSC-6100 Cotton Sash Cord #6 - 3/16 inch x 100 feet features solid braided construction. In solid braid the strands all travel the same direction, clockwise or counter clockwise, and alternate between forming the outside of the rope and...

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Norfolk, VA (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

Wyld’s Wingdom is excited to be exhibiting at the Global Pet Expo on March 4-6, 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Wyld’s Wingdom, a wholesale pet bird supplies distributor, will be at Booth 3658 to display the diverse product line they distribute and provide information on pet bird merchandise, retail sales tips and bird behavior to the trade show attendees.

Specializing in avian care, Wyld’s Wingdom will offer expo attendees a large variety of wholesale pet bird supplies to purchase at special show pricing. Products available for purchase will include pet bird toys, bird foods, play gyms and stands for both small and large birds, cage accessories, training aids, educational tools, and more. Wyld’s Wingdom will be one of the hundreds of exhibitors that will be showcasing their products and services at what is known as the pet industry’s largest annual trade show.

With over 25 years of expertise and experience, Wyld’s Wingdom will help attendees by providing their retail customers with the proper products and will supply them with the latest information on pet bird wellness, avian care and safety.

President Mary Wyld says this about the show, “Global Pet Expo is the perfect venue for rejuvenating your product selection and exploring new ideas. Stop by and see us!”

Visit Wyld’s Wingdom at Booth 3658 at the Global Pet Expo. For more information, visit http://www.wingdom.com.

About Wyld’s Wingdom:

Wyld’s Wingdom is one of the nation’s largest wholesale pet bird supply distributors. Wyld’s Wingdom carries an enormous array of avian products at great values that customers can pass along to their retail setting. With its extensive expertise partnered with a tremendous selection of products, Wyld’s Wingdom will provide the best information and advice to its customers on the latest pet bird care, safety, and wellness information. The business, established in 1986, has been built on integrity and service and provides its customers with the variety, focus, and knowledge needed to make any bird department excel.


Jungle Talk Lots of Legs activity toys are fruit flavored and made of hardwood material. It comes with lots of dangling cotton ropes and brightly colored beads. Provides hours of preening fun. Great for feather pluckers. Encourages preening and...

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