Sun seed millet spray treats is a handpicked foxtail millet. It is an ideal feeding treat for parakeets, finch and canaries. Its weighs is 5-pounds. Measures 6-inch height by 15-1/2-inch width by 13-inch depth. Millet spray treats is a handpicked...

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It's a large step to add the bird to your home, just like any kind of dog. They require a lot of interest as well as their own personal room. Your entire family needs to be prepared for the responsibility associated with owning a bird. It's also vital that you be familiar with the fact that many birds possess longevity spans. This means that you will have your pet long after it has lost which new pet odor.

You should help to make unique preparations for bringing your bird home. If one makes sure in advance you have everything it will need prepared in your own home when this arrives, it will make the arrival less stressful on the bird. A lot of people buy a bird and all the actual bird supplies simultaneously. This means that after they get the bird house, they need to operate close to environment everything upward for it, which can place a strain upon bird and owner alike.

A good thing to complete would be to gather information on the type of bird you need to bring home. By doing this you realize in case your species of bird offers any kind of eccentricities or unusual behaviors that you ought to be prepared for. No two breeds are very as well. African Grays and Lovebirds are going to have very different personas and requires, and everyone is going to be more happy knowing about these types of beforehand.

You should have a great place to get your bird supplies before you buy your new companion. Understanding wherever to get bird supplies places your mind comfortable, because you won't stress if you recognize you'll need some thing on their behalf at 8 o'clock at night.

A store that are experts in items for parrots is the best option. They will have the broader variety of bird items than your typical dog store, and they will become more qualified to reply to any kind of species-specific queries you may have throughout your pet's life. Obtain familiar with an outlet that carries cleaning and self care items, food, as well as playthings. The main stage associated with buying in a shop that only carries bird supplies is really that you could buy every thing in your checklist from one location.

When you're buying spot to purchase your bird supplies, try and look for a store you're comfortable with. Do you experience feeling they're promoting products with your parrot's well-being and happiness in your mind? Are you finding them useful and easy to work with or even order through? Are their prices sensible? Shop around before you look for a shop you really like, because after you have your own bird you'll be shopping for it a great deal. You have to be happy with the store you purchase your own bird supplies through.

You will need a cage for the bird to maintain all of them safe when you cannot monitor them, however where will they spend time when not in the cage? Perches are a well-liked product meant to fill this particular market. Some tend to be stand-alone, and may end up being relocated close to to any room of the home. Others attach to desks as well as furniture, there tend to be even some that can be put in the shower so your bird can bathe by itself.

Getting lots of toys for your bird is a good idea. By doing this they're asked to learn as well as play. Playthings also keep them hectic, and prevent them through developing bored as well as harmful. Another type of good reinforcement that works nicely with regard to birds tend to be goodies. Such things as cuttlebones could be strung in the crate or even on a play-tree and they last a long time.

For more of her useful articles on bird ownership, please visit http://birdproducts.org/, an online supplier of bird cages, accessories, food, and more.


The Vision Breeding Box is for bird owners interested in breeding their birds. The box works both inside and outside the cage and provides a safe shelter for mating birds. The easy access door allows you easy viewing of your bird's eggs or babies....

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Avian Science Super diets offer a whole constellation of ingredients to provide balanced nutrition for pet birds and peace of mind for busy bird owners. Ingredients: Safflower seed, oat groats, paddy rice, buckwheat, peas, fruit medley (apricot,...

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Harness Width: 0.7cm. Adjustable Harness Length: 40cm Leash Length: 80cm Package: Quantity: 1 pcs Parrot Bird Harness & Leash Tips: Young birds are especially easy to work with, if you are working with an older or difficult bird, please notice...

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 31, 2011

Windy City Parrot, Inc has been serving bird enthusiasts since 1993. Web shoppers will now earn rewards of free bird food shipped free simply by shopping on WindyCityParrot.com.

Windy City Parrot's new free bird food rewards program was driven by the need to help parrot and bird owners reduce the cost of pet maintenance and care. The challenge of addressing the nutritional needs of more than 350 species of exotic birds and parrots is great enough. Selecting proper bird food blends is especially difficult when household budgets are tight.

WindyCityparrot.com has always offered a rewards program where web shoppers would earn points with every order. These points would be redeemed at checkout thus necessitating an order to be placed for point redemption.

According to Catherine Tobsing, president of Windy City Parrot, "our best selling categories are bird food, food for parrots and bird treats and supplements. Supplying our customers with a bag or two of bird food at no charge without placing a paid order will help everyone care for their pet bird(s) in this down economy."

The free bird food rewards program is simple. For every dollar spent on windycityparrot.com, a customer will earn one point. Redemption for as few as 25 points will net a Higgins Gourmet Bird Treat Stick. A Worldly Cuisines Higgins Cook Cool and Serve 13 oz Inca Bean Salad Gourmet Bird Food will cost 120 points. 473 points earned from a bird cage purchase can be redeemed for a 3.25 pound tub of Lafeber's Nutri-Berries Parrot Food as another example.

"We've tried to make this as user-friendly and affordable as possible," according to Catherine. No paid order need to be placed for customers in the Continental US. Rewarded bird food will be shipped at no charge whatsoever.

For orders shipped outside of the Continual US, WindyCityParrot.com will ship the bird food at no additional cost but asks that it be shipped with your Alaskan, Hawaiian or International bird supplies order. WindyCityParrot.com uses International Checkout for shipping outside the US.

"Our customers are really beginning to realize the value of the free bird food rewards program," stated Cegrid Green, head of customer service. "They might not want nor be in the position to place a $60.00 bird supply order" ($60.00 orders ships free in the Continental US) "They can now just log into their account and order a bag of Volkman bird seed or a pellet blend from Hagen and have it shipped at no charge"

Barb W. of Bridgeport, CT wrote us "...at first I didn't like the program but then I needed just 2 pounds of Higgins Finch Food for some new Gouldians I brought home and Windy City Parrot shipped it right out - no questions asked – I’m sold."

In addition to offering more than 18 brands of bird food Goldenfeast, Harrison’s and Roudybush to name a few (usually shipped the same day), shoppers can easily search hundreds of easy to find bird cage styles. They can explore bird cage perches, bird cage dishes, Lixit water bottles and hundreds of other bird & parrot related accessories to help care for these unique pets. WindyCity parrot.com offers wish lists; order tracking and pre/post sales questions will be answered promptly.

Bird owners and parrot companions interested in learning more about Windy City Parrot's free bird food rewards program and large selection of bird supplies can visit http://www.windycityparrot.com/Free-food-for-bird.html or contact Cegrid Green at 1-877-287-0810 or 312-492-9673 email info(at)windycityparrot(dot)com for more information.

About Windy City Parrot, Inc. the internet’s leading retailer of bird and parrot supplies providing one stop shopping for pet bird care needs through its primary website, WindyCityParrot.com.

Windy City Parrot has been serving bird enthusiasts since 1993, entering the on line world January 1, 2002.

Cegrid Green, Department Head Customer Service

Windy City Parrot, Inc.




We have been selling the Worlds freshest spray millet for over 25 years. DO NOT BE FOOLED by imposter's selling low grade millet for almost the same price, your birds know the difference. Our millet is the finest organic grown spray millet in the...

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Valencia, CA (PRWEB) September 2, 2009

Kyle Schuler, founder of http://www.WyldeWings.com, has loved birds since before he can remember, and has cared for macaws, cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds and several other members of the avian population over the course of his life.

"I can't remember a time when I didn't have at least one bird in the house," said Schuler. "I've learned a lot about caring for birds since I had a parakeet as a teenager, and that's the main reason I was inspired to create a website."

When Schuler designed his website, he wanted to provide bird lovers with just the top of the line bird products. "I will admit the prices on the website are a little more expensive than people might find at some kind of discount pet store, but for a little extra, people receive bird supplies that are guaranteed to last."

Schuler has taken enormous strides to ensure his product selection reflects the needs of bird lovers, striving to offer premium bird carriers, swings, perches, food and stainless steel bird cages.

In order to share his expertise, Schuler created a new blog at http://www.BirdcageAccessoriesInfo.com, which he plans to utilize to educate others about bird care.

"On the blog I want to talk about general information that all bird owners need to know, like how to sanitize a birdcage and what kind of feed to use for different bird species," said Schuler. "I also want to speak in-depth about more advanced topics, like teaching birds how to talk and how to put a stop to continuous squawking."

Schuler's main goal for the website is to provide bird lovers a one-stop shopping and informational resource for all their bird needs.

"I've put in a lot of effort tailoring the website to bird lovers, and I'm in the process of adding about two hundred new products," said Schuler. "I'm also offering free shipping on all birdcages, and I have some great birdcages that will be added in the next couple months."

About the Company:

WyldeWings.com is owned and operated by bird lover Kyle Schuler.

Kyle Schuler


(661) 367-5022

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Manzanita bird perches and aquarium terrain accents- but why? what makes manzanita wood so ideal for bird and animal habitats?

Having worked with manzanita for over three years now, and having never made a bird perch until recently, I thought about this question in great depth for the first time last week...

and eventually came to the conclusion that it is a variety of factors which makes manzanita branches the prefect medium for bird perch construction.

Let's start with the obvious- manzanita is a type of hardwood, sandblasted or not it is a natural, durable, non-toxic and safe material to use around animals. (My brother's dog steals burls out of our wood pile and chews on them for hours and shes fine, really) Manzanita is the 7th Hardest Wood in the world, earning it the title, "the seventh wood wonder of the world", o.k. I made the title part up, but it is the 7th hardest known hardwood making for a resillient and sturdy platform for your bird to perch upon.

Manzanita has a beautiful red bark and grain, adding natural color to your cage or aquarium Sandblasted Manzanita Branches have a light creamy color interspursed with red streaks of grain. When blasted they often take on a worn or aged appearance. This same quality is what earned manzanita burlwood the slang title "mountain driftwood".

You may or may not be wondering why I haven't mentioned this yet- The shape!, perhaps the most distinct quality of manzanita branches and burls is the strange and wonderful shapes in which they grow. It never ceases to amaze me how a manzanita tree will serve as a mirror or reflection of it's immediate environment, with the branches growing in accordance with the predominent wind direction, or reaching for sunlight or dwarved and curled upon themselves for lack of adequate water or sustinence. Somehow by natures design the branches twist and fork in a smooth and stylized manner graduating from one level of magnitude down to the next.

Let us not forget a big part of every bird owners life- Manzanita Branches are easy to clean! e-a-s-y 2 c-l-e-a-n!!!=) Artisans Manzanita can make the exact sort of perch or stand you are looking for. If your looking for a finished look we can finish your stand with natural waxes or oils.

So as you can see, there are any number of reasons why manzanita bird perches are clearly an excellent option to enhance and decorate your cage.

One of my favorite things to make are the manzanita floor lamps that we started with back in 06' and the same basic principle applies to a standing bird perch tree, - sturdy base, interesting arrangement of branches, and a beautiful finish all contribute to a one of a kind natural and artistic addition to your pets home or habitat.