This Upgraded Colorful Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets is great for your aquariums. It is not only helps algaes to grow more luxuriant, but also makes your aquatic plants have vivid color and adds ornamental value of your...

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CPO crayfish are one of our favorite invertebrates. They are much larger in size than dwarf shrimp (they can grow up to 1.6 inches long) and tend to live much longer, but are still small enough to comfortably live in a tank as small as 5 gallons....

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Bee Shrimp are directly related to the notorious Crystal Black and Crystal Red Shrimp. They usually have a striking white and black or white and brown coloration; their colors and patterns tend to vary more than CBS and CRS. However, these also...

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Full Spectrum Cynthia 60*5W LED Aquarium Light with Lens for each led. 1)Switch-1(30 LEDs): 18xBlue(470),8XRoyal Blue(450),2 xRed(660), 2 xGreen(525) 2)Switch-2(30 LEDs): 12XWhite(13000K),4XWhite(6000K),4XWhite(4000K),8 xBlue(470), 2...

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Fluval 06 External Canister Filters - Multi-stage Aquarium Filter and Fish Tank Filter The Fluval 06 External Canister Filters - which follows the successful Fluval 05 Series - provide many improved benefits like including: better filtration, less...

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Dazzling is the best word we can think of to describe the Black Diamond shrimp. Known to some as Blue Wizard shrimp or Blue Diamond Neos, these stunning animals are a royal, jewel-toned blue (although some are an extremely dark, almost black color...

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The Fluval 305 Aquarium Canister Filter offers advanced pumping technology and a versatile combination of mechanical, biological and chemical filtering capabilities for aquariums up to 70 gallons. This versatility enables you to customize your...

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Fed up of those snails taking over your tank! pack of two gastropex effectively combats aquatic snails in your aquarium. use gastropex to stop snails destroying aquatic plants and transmitting disease to your fish. destroys all aquatic snails....

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Fluval FX6 is a high performance canister filter with many outstanding features designed to make aquarium fish keeping easier and more convenient than ever. This super capacity yet compact canister filter has a pump output of 925 gallons of water...

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