This submersible pump is designed for reliability and ultra-quiet operation to provide years of service. It is anti-corrosive, acid-resisting and durable. The small profile size makes the pump easy to hide or disguise. This submersible water pump...

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Aquarium air pump Hpumps is the smallest and the most silent pump in the world Advanced, slim profile design Ultra-quiet Low energy consumption Small volume and light weight Our Newest version 110 Voltage Aquarium fish air pumps is...

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Jetsu Aquarium Supplies 300 Watt Glass 100% Submersible Aquarium Heaters guarantee easy temperature control We know that you want the best for your fish and aquarium creature comfort at all times. Our aquarium heaters are suitable for Freshwater...

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Product for Aquarium/Ornamental(non-food). For a comprehensive book about aquarium health, as well as the general use of antibiotics in aquariums, the book "Manual of Fish Health: Everything You Need to Know About Aquarium Fish, Their Environment...

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How Does It Work? This filter uses bubbles of air from an external air pump, or an integral water pump to draw water through filter. As water is drawn out through the lift tube or pump, it is replaced by water entering the filter. The top layer of...

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This aquarium heaters is submersible. Aquarium heater is a must have for tropical fishes and corals. Temperature fluctuations cause stress in your corals and fish, and the fluctuations often go unnoticed by the aquarist. A good quality heater is a...

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Note: 1. Indoor use only. Please keep the power adapter and joint away from water. 2. Air pump is not included Features: - Can connect to air pump for air bubble billow effect.(Air pump not included) - Excellent sealed design, can...

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Description: This product is a new energy-efficient decorative lighting, widely Used in fish tanks,cisterns, rockeries, pet cages and other Features: -Bright LED lights can make your your fish and reptiles seen where they're swimming or moving....

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KEDSUM Filter Submersible Water Pump,Aquarium Fish Tank Pumps,Fountain Pump Description: KEDSUM powered submersible pump has filter function,is perfect for nano to medium sized aquariums, small ponds, water gardens, and desktop water...

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