Super Bird Creations 3/4-Inch Fold Away Shower Perch Bird Toy, Medium to Large

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The Fold-Away Shower Perch uses upgraded suction cups and has non-slip surface that provides secure footing that helps to trim nails too.

  • Perfect size for medium to large birds.The outside diameter is 3/4" and inside diameter is 1/2".
  • Regular bathing opportunities help your bird to maintain their feathers
  • Folds away flat when not in use
  • Three heavy duty suction cups allow this perch to adhere securely to the shower wall
  • Super Bird Creations toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure the mental and physical well being of pet birds

Dovahkiin was starting to get itchy so we thought we would introduce him to the shower instead of misting him with a spray bottle. In Part I of the video, we set him on his shower perch with the shower jet barely spraying where he is perched. We did this to get him used to the shower and to make sure that he would like it (which he did!). In Part II (a few days later), we let Dovahkiin experience the full jet from the shower and raked it back and forth over his body. This time he got significantly more drenched and super clean. As you will notice from the video, his feathers were greatly matted down and spread out revealing his down feathers and skin in some areas. This is nothing to be worried about and a few hours later Dovahkiin was all fluffed up and dry again (and not missing any feathers). Check below for important showering instructions for your bird.

1. Make sure that the water is room-temperature or slightly warmer. You do not want the water to be cold or so hot that it will burn your bird.
2. Take your time introducing your bird to the shower. Most birds love water, but some may be frightened by a sudden and new experience.
3. DO NOT use soap to wash your bird as this will destroy the natural oils that coat the bird's feathers.
4. Don't spend more than 5-10 minutes with your bird in the shower.
5. Make sure to allow your bird time to dry off in his/her cage afterwards. You DO NOT need to use a towel to manually dry your bird.

Q: Where can I purchase a shower perch and how much do they cost?
A: You can find shower perches on Amazon or at your local pet store (ie: Petsmart). They average -.
Q: I have city water which is treated with Chlorine. Is it okay for my bird to bathe in this water?
A: Although many people will insist that birds are incredibly fragile and require pure, bottled water. My vet explained that this is not necessary and that city water is just fine.

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