Stronghold Car Seat Cover for Dogs – Waterproof, Non Slip, Quick Install, Easy to Clean, Supports Children’s Seats and Seatbelts – Exclusive High End Luxury Grade Quilted Material to Keep You Comfortable

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Have you been having to clean your car seats after each ride with your pet? Or perhaps your dog's claws are leaving marks on your car seats? A pet car seat cover is one of the easiest solutions to save you time and money while travelling with your loved pet.

The Stronghold Accessories pet cover will protect your car seat from dirt, dog hair, claw marks and odors - keeping your car in pristine condition. Our cover will stay in place with our no-slip design, keeping both your pet and car safe for the duration of your ride.

When you feel our cover in your hands, you can feel the durability of it's heavy gauge polyester material. On the backside, there is a rubber mat material to prevent the cover from sliding on your seat during the ride and when your pet enters and exits the vehicle. On the top and bottom of the cover, there are adjustable buckles to attach to your vehicle's headrests. Additionally, there are seat anchors to place in the crevices of your car seat to provide additional no-slip security for the cover.

We chose our signature heavy gauge polyester material after testing nearly every available material on the market. Not only does our heavy gauge polyester provide the best layer of protection between your pet and your expensive car seat, but it also lasts through years of heavy use. We offer a 2 year no questions asked money back warranty to give you the most confidence in your purchase. At Stronghold Accessories, our customers come first.

A car seat cover will protect the investment you've made in your vehicle and keep your loved pet safe for each and every car ride you take. Get yours today!

  • PROTECTS YOUR SEAT - Keeps dirt, pet hair and claw marks off your seat
  • BEST FIT - Fits any vehicle with bench style seats and headrests
  • NO-SLIP DESIGN - Stays secure in place with seat anchors, adjustable straps and no-slip rubber backing
  • HEAVY DUTY DURABILITY - Heavy gauge polyester material that keeps your pet comfortable and your seat safe
  • GUARANTEED TO LAST: Includes complimentary 2 year no questions asked manufactures warranty. We are here to ensure your full satisfaction or your money back.