Small Dubia roach Live feeder roaches 100(ct)

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A 100 count of small sized Dubia roaches for reptile feeding. Dubia roaches provide the perfect balance of nutrition and affordability. Dubia roaches are the preferred feeder insect for serious reptile breeders and reptile owners. Feeding one Dubaia roach is equivalent to 6 live crickets, and a handful or live mealworms. The value Dubia roaches have for you and your reptile make them the perfect feeder insect.Roach size for medium is 1/4 and smaller

  • Dubia roaches are easy to care for and store for reptile feeding.
  • Dubia roaches can't fly, climb smooth surfaces, or make any annoying noises.
  • Has more protein than any other insect feeder insect used for reptile food.
  • Conveniently packaged for reptile feeding.