SatisPet Pet Water Bottle For Cats & Dogs, Green, XL – 32 fl oz No Leaking Dispenser Suitable For Kennels & Cage

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A Healthy, Hydrated Pet Is A Happy Pet; Thanks To This Fantastic Water Bottle Brought To You By SatisPet!

Are you in the market for a high-end quality, non-leaking pet water dispenser?

Have you had enough with having to change your pet's water every few hours because it gets dirty?

Would you care for a sturdy, easy to use cat and dog water bottle that won't cost you a fortune?

If you are nodding affirmatively, then we have got great news for you; SatisPet may have exactly the thing you're looking for!

Presenting SatisPet's XL Pets Water Dispenser; The Solution To Your Puppy & Kitten Water Needs!

Made from high-quality materials so that it can take your pet's playful paws and claws as they nibble, this durable water dispenser is suitable for most kennel or cages.

It has a bright green color that attracts your four-legged friends, and a large water volume capacity, which makes it perfect for long time use.

Additionally, it is super easy to set up and refill and, unlike your plain old usual water bowl, they do not drip or spill, which makes them a significantly cleaner choice for your house!

5 + 1 Reasons Why This Is The Best Pet Accessory, You Can Choose!

  • Non-Leak Design
  • Large Water Volume Capacity
  • Easy To Set Up, Dismantle, Clean & Refill
  • Provides A Cleaner Solution To Water Bowls
  • Keeps Your Pets' Water Fresh For Longer
  • Universal & Suitable For Most Cages
  • Plus, it comes with an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee - what more could a pet parent ask for?

    With Nothing To Lose, Why Waste Time?

    Order Right This Second & Provide Your Beloved Pets The Water Dispenser They Deserve!

    • KEEP YOUR FLOORS CLEAN & YOUR PET HAPPY! If you are sick and tired of having to mop and clean your floors every other day because your pet keeps knocking over their water bowl, don't worry! Your solution is here; with this fantastic, handy, extra-large water dispenser, you have to fear neither drops nor spills!
    • EVEN YOUR CHILD WILL BE ABLE TO REFILL IT! Our dog and cat water dispenser is so simple to set up, detach, and refill, that even your 7-year-old daughter or son will be able to do so without a problem! All they'd need to do is take it out of the cage, unscrew, fill with water and replace it - yes, it is as simple as it sounds!
    • YOU CAN BE GONE FOR HOURS; YOUR PET WILL NOT GO THIRSTY! Thanks to our water bottle's great capacity, it can take a large volume of water; in other words, you don't have to refill it every few hours. Thus, you can enjoy your evening out with your friends, without worrying that your beloved friend will be dehydrated by the time you get back!
    • NOT A SINGLE DROP OF WATER WASTED! Unlike many similar products, our water bottle is made of high-end quality, sturdy material. Your cat or dog can paw and nibble; our dispenser is up to the challenge, and not a single water drop will leak from it!
    • WE DON'T RISK YOUR PET'S HAPPINESS; WE GUARANTEE IT! We are absolutely certain that your kitten or puppy are gonna love drinking water from their new dispenser. In fact, we are certain enough that we give you THIRTY days for them to try it and, if they don't like it, we will give you your money back!