Sailnovo 56 Digital Automatic Egg Incubator Chicken Poultry Hatcher 48 Egg Turning Temperature Control (7 Egg Incubator)

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Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow and Clear
Size: 17.5 x 16cm/6.8 x 6.2inch (L x H)
Egg Capacity: 7 Eggs
Temperature: 38°±1°
Voltage: AC 110V / AC 230V
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Power:Less than or equal to 20 watts
Plug Type: US Plug
Type: Digital Incubators
Package Content: 1 x Egg Incubator

If your eggs arrive in the post, leave them to settle for 12 to 24 hours with the pointed end down before putting them in the incubator.

If you collect the eggs, they can be placed in the incubator as soon as it has reached the correct temperature.

Fertile eggs can be stored in a cool place (ideally 10-16 degrees centigrade) for up to two weeks before incubating, although the fresher they are the better the hatch rate will be.

Turn them at least 3 times a day, except for the last 3 days when they don't need turning.

40-50 percent humidity must be maintained for the first 18 days; 65 to 75 percent humidity is needed for the final days before hatching.

Egg shells are porous, allowing oxygen to enter and carbon dioxide to exit; incubators need to have holes or vents that allow fresh air to circulate so the fetuses can breathe.

For the most commonly hatched bird eggs (chicken, duck, quail, goose, pheasant, etc), the commonly accepted "ideal" temperature is 99℉.

  • The incubator holds 7 eggs and is easy to clean and simple to use.
  • Digital display shows important information such as current temperature. Digital temperature controls allows for temperature settings and easy operation.
  • It is a clear window surrounding the eggs you'll be able to see the entire incubation process without interrupting.
  • Voltage: AC 110V / AC 230V. Temperature: 38℃±1℃.
  • Size: 17.5 x 16cm/6.8 x 6.2inch (L x H).

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