Running Dog Leash Hands Free – Including LED Light. Great for Walking, Running, Biking and Jogging (Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink). (Black)

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For folks who just love their dogs, the hands free dog leash is the perfect way to enjoy a hike, jog or walk with your lovable companion. This leash system is designed to stay out of the way using an innovative design that ensures safety, convenience and comfort for you and your pet. The leash comes with a 1 inch wide adjustable belt that goes around your waist that can extend 26" to 49" and features a quick releasing mechanism making it easy to swiftly reconnect and release your pet. Moreover, with a swivel hook and quick release mechanism the collar attachment will easily connect to harnesses, O-rings or D rings. Because of its unique design, this dog walking leash also acts as an excellent training tool. Since it involves physical attachment, it invokes a strong bond between you and your pet. It is ideal for small to large dogs. Everything is thought out for you and your pet. Just hook it up, let your dog get used to the new feeling and you have a quick to use system of leash and walker ready to use anytime anywhere. Along with this hands free leash you get you get a LED light that fits snugly onto the leash. Now taking your dogs out on a walk at night is no longer a hurdle.

  • Comfortable hands-free running leash with quick release and reconnect
  • Ideal for running, walking and hiking
  • Adjustable waist length: 38 to 51 inch. Adjustable leash length: 35 to 57 inch.
  • Perfect for small and large dogs
  • LED light included

Hands Free Dog Walking Leash Belt Product Review

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Hands Free Walking is awesome! I am so glad I got this belt. It makes walking two dogs so much easier, plus my hands are free! This is a very durable belt, with a lot of space in the pockets to hold whatever items we need. Kyjen really did a great job on this product. It is very comfortable to wear, as it really forms to your body. Shelby and Oakley sure love it!

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