Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer for Little Dogs

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About PetSafe® Little Dog Remote Trainer

Reliably train your little dog to commands and encourage better behavior. With the PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer, you can be leash free at the park or on those afternoon walks together after a few days of training. At the push of a button on your handheld remote, you can correct your dog’s behavior with a tone or static stimulation. With 16 correction levels built to suit most temperaments, you are sure to find the fit to get your little dog’s attention safely, and start the process to off-leash freedom.

How it works

The Little Dog Remote Trainer works by using a handheld remote transmitter to communicate with your dog’s receiver collar. From up to 100 yards away, it can send a signal in the form of a safe, static interruption, meant to startle and not harm your pet. Use the correction to ward against your pet running too far in front of you, chasing other dogs or people or just to improve the communication between you and your dog. Your dog will soon associate her behavior with the correction and you will have a well behaved pet!

Product Features:

  • Create the ability to train your little dog off-leash
  • 16 adjustable levels of static correction plus instant +2 Boost button
  • Communicate effectively with your dog from up to 100 yards away
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep and provides a non-static option for training
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Suitable for dogs 8 lbs. and up
  • 1 dog training only
  • Collar and remote use PetSafe RFA-35-11 batteries (included
  • Popular uses for remote dog trainers

  • Make obedience training quick and effective
  • Stop leash-pulling on walks and runs
  • Teach your dog to “Come” from a far distance
  • Keep your dog’s attention in open spaces
  • Top tips for successful remote dog training

  • Watch our ‘Getting Started’ video above! Step-by step instructions are also included in our training guide
  • Have the dog standing when you fit the collar
  • Pair your initial training with a treat reward
  • Start using tone or the lowest level possible, and only move up as-needed.

  • Types of remote trainers

    Wireless communication has become common in our lives. Now you can communicate with your dog in a tech-savvy way, as well. Your dog wears the receiver collar and you manage the hand-held remote. When the button is pushed on the remote, a signal is delivered to the collar that communicates to our dog through sound, smell or touch.

    1. Static

    Static remote trainers communicate through touch. They deliver a sensation that is meant to be aversive enough for your pet to notice and respond without it being painful or too concerning.

    Static remote trainers are sometimes referred to as “shock collars.” This is a misnomer when describing modern collars that have a wide range of stimulation levels.

    All PetSafe remote trainers also have tones. The sounds can be used to mark or identify wanted behavior or to signal that a correction is about to happen for an undesirable behavior. Many dogs learn quickly to respond to the tones, allowing you to fade out the static reinforcement.

    2. Spray

    These remote trainers deliver a burst of citronella spray toward your dog’s muzzle. They are designed to interrupt and/or correct unwanted behaviors. For most dogs, the spray is startling or annoying enough to deter the behavior.

    3. Vibration

    Vibration trainers communicate with your dog through touch. They deliver variable levels of vibration that are comparable to a pager. Some dogs find this sensation to be very startling. In this case, a vibration trainer might be a useful correction for your dog to deter him from an unwanted behavior such as digging.

    4. Ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic remote trainers take advantage of your pet’s sensitive hearing with a sound that is beyond the range of humans. They are designed to interrupt and/or correct unwanted behaviors.

    Train your pets with the following remote trainers:

    Basic Trainer(75 Yard Range)
    Basic Trainer(75 Yard Range)
    Little Dog Trainer(100 Yard Range)
    Little Dog Trainer(100 Yard Range)
    Big Dog Trainer(100 Yard Range)
    Big Dog Trainer(100 Yard Range)
    Yard & Park Trainer(400 Yard Range)
    Yard & Park Trainer(400 Yard Range)
    Yard & Park Trainer(400 Yard Range)
    Elite Pendant Remote Dog Trainer(200 Yard Range)

    Spray Commander(75 Yard Range)
    Spray Commander(75 Yard Range)
    Remote Spray Trainer(300 Yard Range)
    Remote Spray Trainer(300 Yard Range)

    Remote Trainer with Vibration(880 Yard Range)
    Remote Trainer with Vibration(880 Yard Range)


    Call our Customer Care for live help: 1-800-738-4379

    Mon.- Fri. 8am- 8pm EST

    Sat. 9 am- 5pm EST

    • 100-yard range
    • Adjustable, waterproof receiver collar
    • Electronic remote delivers correction signals to dogs collar