Pet Screen Door – Dog Door for Screen Door , 12″ x 16″ – K&L Pet

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Give your pet access to the outside through your screen door, window and any other screened areas with the pet screen door. Installation is easy, your pets can easily push open the door. Simply push the latch down to lock the door and lift it up to unlock the door.

Installation instructions:

Step 1: cut off the two parts, and the accessories are used to control the entrance or exit of the screen door.

Step 2: put the screen door upside down and divide the screen door into two pieces.

Step 3: install the screen door at the corner of the door, and then place half of the outer door into the net.Press the button of the outer door to thread the needle through the net.

Step 4: glue the pinhole and net to make it stronger;

Step 5: cut the screen window along the dog door.

Step 6: install the clipped part on the inner door, if you want the inner door and the net to be stronger.

Step 7: put the inner door piece to the outer door frame recess.

Step 8: place the other half of the door on the upper and lower pinholes and press down to install.

  • Pet Screen door Size: 12"W x 16"H (Inner); 14"W x 18"H (Outer)
  • Modified product: this pet screen door adopts the suspension design, which avoids the problems of the internal page break which is easy to appear in the old product.
  • With high strength magnet to prevent the screen door from closing.
  • The screen door is made of two pieces, glued together with glue, making it easier to install, stronger and more beautiful.
  • Quality guarantee: the product shall be guaranteed for one year, and the products will be refunded unconditionally if it's quality problems.