PERSUPER Aquatic Plant Tweezers Scissor Spatula Tool – 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Aquarium Tank Aquascaping Tools Set Fish Starter Kits & Aquariums Tank Plants Kit

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Must Have Aquatic Plant Kits: No more hands and finger shaving plants back into the
sand/dirt.You are like a surgeon in your tanks! No more bull dosing through your plants with
your hands! And of course the scissor is a great tools to trim those overgrown aquatic plants
and keep them in shape.This kit will allow you to maintain a beautifully decorated freshwater
plant aquarium with precision "tuning".

Curved Scissors - Gets into hard-to-reach places and mows down foreground plants
Substrate Spatula - Create smooth substrate slopes and terraces
Straight Tweezer - Securely grasp your items during maintenance and setup
Curved Tweezer - Plant your live aquatic plants with comfort and ease

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.24g
Length: Curved Scissor: 25cm/9.8inch; Substrate Spatula: 32cm/12.6inch
Straight Tweezer: 27cm/10.6inch; Curved Tweezer: 27cm/10.6inch

Package Content:
1 x Straight Scissor
1 x Substrate Spatula
1 x Straight tweezer
1 x Curved tweezer
1 x Carrying bag

Kindly Reminder:
1.Rinse with fresh water before first use.
2.Use for fresh aquarium only.
3.Put it away from children and pets.
4.Rinse and dry with a clean cloth after each use.

  • Aquatic Plant Kits:Straight Tweezer, Curved Tweezer, Curved Scissor, Spatula. 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Aquarium Tank Aquascaping Tools Set for Fish Starter Kits & Aquariums Tank Plants.
  • Superior Quality: Aquatic Plant Kits is made of sturdy, high quality stainless steel. Just make sure to rinse and dry them off after every use with clean cloth and they will last for a long time.
  • Multi-functional Plant Tools: These tools are perfect for clipping and removing withered and decaying leaves from aquarium plants.You can use the tongs to pick up dead leaves and debris from the substrate.
  • Goof for Plant: If you use your hand it maybe disturbs the fishes and moved debris all over the aquarium when you put your hand in the water. However, the tongs to pluck the plants from one spot and plug in another with minimum water disturbance.
  • Wildly Used: Great for All Types of Aquarium Plants, Substrate, Gravel, and Other Decorations. The key benefit is that it allows precision plant trimming and maintenance that does not disturb the rest of the decor/plants.