Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Pit Bull. Circumference 13″, Length 3.5″

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Comfortable and light, made of chromed wire and genuine leather, the straps are adjustable and won't stretch. This muzzle can be very useful in many situations - visits to a vet, off-leash walks, preventing eating off the ground, yet allow for panting and drinking, providing the ultimate in comfort and safety for both the dog and owner or trainer. Please measure your dog's snout to insure this is the correct muzzle size you need. Circumference 13", length 3.5".

  • Light, durable, comfortable, and safe. Very well ventilated.
  • Allow for panting and drinking, dog will not have hard time breathing during the training.
  • Ideal solution for grooming, off-leash walks
  • This size is particularly suited for dogs like Pit Bull, or other breeds with similar snout structure. Circumference 13", length 3.5" (from the tip of the nose to the eyeline).
  • Please, measure your dog's snout before you place the order to insure this is the correct muzzle size you need.

GarE Maxton presents "The INTIMIDATOR". A metal puzzle sculpture that transforms into a fully functioning .45 caliber muzzle loading pistol! Featuring six different kinds of metal and over 135 pieces.

See more artwork by GarE Maxton and detailed videos of the puzzle assembly and disassembly here:

Video produced by Worm Farm Recordings:

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